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MECH Physio is a Physiotherapy and Wellness clinic in Thornhill. Our unique therapy team consists of dedicated professionals with one common goal: Helping you feel better and make it easier for you to live an active lifestyle.

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Combining the best of exercise medicine and manual therapy, every treatment at mechPhysio is highly effective and ‘worth it’ every time.

We have helped hundreds of people with severe lower back, neck and shoulder pain. We have helped people that are just looking to be pain-free while they exercise. Whatever your mobility and wellness goals are, we have the treatment plan just for you.

Feel free to visit ‘What is Mckenzie Method’ to know more about why our physiotherapy approach is so effective and always leaves patients thrilled with their outcomes. mechPhysio is the only clinic in the Markham and Concord area that exclusively offers this type of rapid recovery treatment: Mckenzie Method.

The most Common Conditions we see:

The most common aches and pains and mobility problems stem from bulging or herniated discs, sciatica, pinched nerve in the neck, rotator cuff repair, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and the list goes on and on.  These problems are becoming more and more common due to our lifestyle and over-use of devices. Over the last 2 years of the pandemic our clinic has supported hundreds of work from home staff virtually and in-person. If you are looking for an experienced physiotherapy clinic in Thornhill to help you with your pain or mobility problem, or if you’d like to talk to someone about your physical health, call our office for a free phone consultation with one of our therapists.

Massage Therapy, Physical Therapy, Athletic Therapy, Chiropractic and Osteopathy are all hands-on treatments and are performed only by licensed physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors and osteopaths.

Not all therapists are the same. This is precisely why MechPhysio’s ensures all our therapists provide the quality, evidence-based treatment that we are known for.


Committed to improving your physical health at every age and stage of life.

What our Customers said!

Jamie Cameron Avatar
Jamie Cameron
2/22/2022 - Google

Simply the best physiotherapist I have been to. I had been suffering from osteoarthritis in my neck, but after several treatments and doing the prescribed... read more

Johanna Gertzbein Avatar
Johanna Gertzbein
2/22/2022 - Google

I have been visiting Melina at Mech Physio for months to deal with my frozen shoulder problem. Her knowledge, experience and her kind and... read more

Rob Thomas Avatar
Rob Thomas
2/15/2022 - Google

Was referred to MECH Physiotherapy by my GP for sciatica and DDD. Mariana is an extremely knowledgeable and capable physiotherapist, able to inspire... read more

Michael Rosen Avatar
Michael Rosen
2/15/2022 - Google

Great work done by all staff especially KendraI came in back in June with all sorts of pain in my back and she has done... read more

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Our Services:

Swedish Massage good for relaxation, and relief of tension and anxiety. Lymphatic Massage   Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxation Massage, Scar Tissue Massage and mobilization for post-surgical scars tissue. Sports Injury Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Trigger point release massage, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage Pre & Post-natal Massage.

Excellent results for mobility and pain relief from work injuries, repetitive strain and sports injuries. Athletic therapists provide a customized hands-on treatment approach including myofascial release and myofascial therapy. 90% success rate for lower back pain and neck pain caused from degenerative disc disease, arthritis, herniated disc, disc prolapse. Shoulder and knee pain treatments include ART and Manual Therapy and Myofascial Release Therapy, and Muscle Scraping. Corrective Exercise Therapy and Assisted Stretching is also available for those patients looking for a light rehab program to stay in shape.

Led by a certified therapist, this semi-private class is focused on buidling functional strength and helping to alleviate lower back pain and neck pain and associated postural issues caused by not having an active lifestyle. The physio-fitness small group class is covered by your physiotherapy or athletic therapy insurance and may be a more affordable option for physio than 1 to 1 sessions. Small Group exercise classes of 3-4 people allow for the therapist to truly modify the exercises and stretches in the class to suit individual needs. Manual over pressure or ‘light mobilization’ will be included in the physio fitness class. Direct billing available for athletic therapists and physiotherapists at the Thornhill location.

Chiropractic care at MechPhysio is safe, effective and affordable! Our chiropractor is trained in ‘Gentle Chiropractic’ where the chiropractor provides deep and relaxing soft tissue therapy as well as adjustments. Chiropractic care is a great maintenance option for those people that don’t have an acute injury but are looking to have long-term mobility strategies. Our chiropractor at the Thornhill location often helps patients with headache management, upper back pain and shoulder pain. Feel the results immediately with a chiropractic adjustment. Direct billing is available for mechphysio’s thornhill Chiropractor.

Physiotherapy is a primary health care service. Physio’s help with pain management and mobility problems. The goal of physio is to help the injured person improve function, return to their activities of daily living, work, or sports performance and live a long and mobile life.
Our physio treatment provides a 90% success rate for lower back pain and neck pain caused from degenerative disc disease, arthritis, herniated disc, disc prolapse. Motor Vehicle Accident treatment, Whiplash diagnosis and treatment are also readily available. Direct billing is offered for all physio services.

Employee Workshops and interactive seminars have been proven to be the best method to stimulate your workers and work together for training efforts. MechPhysio Athletic Therapists specifically designs a protocol to help prevent and manage injuries on the job. Helping employers achieve long-term injury prevention strategies will help them save money and stress. Employees are the largest asset of a manufacturing company. Empowering employees with fool-proof protocols and procedures for injury prevention will increase company morale and positive attitudes on the job. Please call the Thornhill office for more information and a free on-site quote for workplace physical wellness initiatives. Tax receipt provided for all services.

Still not sure of what to do for your problem?

We will listen to your story and give you the best advice on how to make the right decision to maintain your physical health, relieve your pain and make a plan to keep living an active (and fun) life! Our approach includes the world-renowned McKenzie Method, Manual Therapy, ART, Myofascial Release, Postural Therapy, Yoga, Personal Training, as well as Massage Therapy.

Fees & Insurance

All of our services are covered by all or most health insurance plans

Working Hours

MONDAY 9:00AM-7:00PM
FRIDAY 9:00AM-7:00PM

Who We Can Help:

How Great is our Virtual Therapy?:


We diagnose and treat a variety of orthopaedic conditions that may result from repetitive strain, overuse strain, postural strain, sports injuries, work related injuries, and motor vehicle accidents. Click below to see the full list of chronic and acute sprains and strains we can help you with.

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