About Us

MECH Physiotherapy specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of spine and extremity conditions. The word MECH comes from the word ‘mechanical’, representing movement.  Our select therapists are responsible for designing a personalized treatment plan to help you eliminate pain and re-gain movement and strength.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help people live healthier and more fulfilling lives at any age by providing effective therapy for injuries and chronic conditions.


  • Dealing with Mariana and Mech has been a great experience. Went to her with some terrible back pain, not sure if this is going to help me or not. I was considering pain killers at that point as I couldn’t function on a daily basis. Mariana was very friendly and very attentive and explained to me step by step what the problem is and how we can correct it. Honestly, I wasn’t sure what to believe in the beginning, but I followed her instructions for a few months and my back pain is now gone. Every session was great and helped a lot. I followed up with her weekly for a few months while also doing my exercises at home and I am now back-pain free.  
    Lawrence Grigorescu Project Management | Operations – 38 years old
  • I want to take this opportunity to thank MECH for outstanding and professional physiotherapy I ever had on my lower back and right shoulder, I am doing my daily exercises as instructed by you and am pain free for the first time in last 20 years. I recommend you to many friends and family members.
    Hossein Haghani Business and Marketing Professional – 62 years old
  • Since I’m a developer and I sit in front of the computer all day, Im suffering from a lot of neck pain. Mariana was professional and thorough, and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand. She is super friendly and nice to talk to! She gave me some “homework” to go, so I can do some exercises while Im at work (which are really helping me to get through the day painless). Thanks MECH Physio, I have no hesitation recommending this clinic to my friends.
    Daria Efimova 26 years old – Front end developer
  • Mariana has done wonders with aiding my recovery! I came to her with a pinched nerve in my neck, affecting my left arm, and then continued therapy with her on both of my knees. We began treatment with an assessment of my injuries, how I may have gotten them and then educating me with the process of the recovery. Sessions with Mariana included various hands-on treatment, with lots of stretching and exercising. She then informed me of how I could continue treatment by exercising and stretching at home as well. The benefits from treatment have been remarkable; I injured my neck a second time but with the knowledge Mariana provided me with I knew exactly how to self-manage the injury. My knee pain is minimal as well! I would recommend Mariana to anybody looking for a passionate, intelligent and trustworthy physiotherapist as she is dedicated to providing the best service to her clients and making sure they have a speedy recovery!
    Sarah Moreau 26, Early Childhood Educator, Toronto
  • I started to experience the pain in the neck, shoulders and arms since January 2014. The numbness of the arms reached to the finger tips most of the day; and, I could not either bend my head down or lift up my arms. Luckily Mariana Paz was there to help me with the physiotherapy treatment. Based on the description of the problems and the observation of my movement, Mariana identified the problem and targeted the right spot in the neck quickly. My numbness in the arms and pain in the neck disappeared immediately at the time Mariana was providing her hands on treatment. Unfortunately the discomfort came back again several hours after the treatment. In order to enhance the effect of the treatment, Mariana also developed various exercises for me to practice every week in accordance with the recovering progress. Couple of months later, the pain has been relieved noticeably and the numbness was almost gone. With the continuing exercise my situation has now greatly improved. If you are looking for a dedicated physiotherapist who would work with you and who can provide the right treatment, you may want to see Mariana Paz for her help.
    Kathy Wang 48, Procurement Professional, Mississauga
  • I have had dull but constant neck pain for years. It wasn’t until I woke up not being able to turn my head without a crazy amount of pain that I realized a massage wouldn’t help this time around. After Mariana assessed my situation, she provided hands on treatment and showed me not only how to deal with the discomfort but also what caused it. She gave me a couple of exercises to do at home that helped my pain settle down and eventually disappear. My neck mobility also returned to normal. The specific stretches she taught me have helped me self-manage discomfort whenever it occurs. Mariana is a smart and sociable physiotherapist who takes the time to fully understand your problem and mitigate a long-term solution!  
    Chrissy Bailakis 32, Engineering Proposal Coordinator, Mississauga
  • I have suffered from chronic neck pain and tightness in my trapezius and levator scapulae muscles for several years. Past attempts to resolve these issues though several therapists and medical professionals have failed. Having researched the McKenzie Method of treatment, I sought out an opinion from physiotherapist and McKenzie practitioner Mariana Paz. Mariana took a different approach than other therapists, focusing on the underlying causal factors rather than just treating symptoms. After a fulsome physical evaluation, Mariana crafted a treatment program designed to correct the underlying joint dysfunction and postural issues causing my pain. Through a regimented exercise program, I have experienced pain relief and a significant reduction in muscular tightness. Mariana also took the time to educate me on the causes of my issues and ensured I completed the required exercises and lifestyle modifications to maintain my pain relief. It was apparent from day one that Mariana cares deeply about her patients and will go the extra mile to ensure they achieve maximum rehabilitation. I would recommend Marianna to anyone with a need for rehabilitative therapy.
    Cavin Morton Portfolio Manager, Toronto
  • I sought Mariana’s help when I had been experiencing pain radiating down my right leg while working out. It had been driving me crazy for months and had progressed to occurring when I was simply sitting at my desk or driving my car. I had been trying to manage the problem myself with stretching – but did not realize that the source of my pain was a disc issue in my lower back. To me it sounded scary, but she quickly reassured me that the problem could easily be solved with stretching my back in the correct way and strengthening my core muscles. Over the next couple of weeks at every appointment she checked on the status of the pain (which subsided very quickly with her help!) and assessed my progress with the exercises that she had provided me. She listened to any of my concerns regarding the exercises and had many other exercises to give me. Over a 2 month period Mariana has helped to bring me to a place where I am currently free from any pain in my leg and lower back.
    Karen Branker 36, Underwriter, Richmond Hill
  • After a motorcycle accident, my thumbs were in crippling pain even a year after my crash. This was a serious issue since I work with my hands. [Doctors put me on pain medication numerous times but the pain got worse once the subscription ran out.] [I was recommended to see physiotherapist] Mariana, knew exactly what to do to relieve pain immediately. More importantly, she taught me simple exercises that I can quickly do anywhere. These exercises ensured I would not get recurring pain, and they relieve strain in my whole hand.
    Paul Unger 28, Electrician, Toronto
  • Finding a good physiotherapist who does hands on manipulation is very difficult as most simply do ultrasounds and IFC currents. After my experience with Mariana, its safe to say I won’t be going elsewhere. Mariana diagnosed my hamstring I had pulled during a softball game, and provided immediate relief through her active relief techniques and subsequently worked with me to strengthen the hamstring to full recovery. She was very thorough in educating me on my injury and took the time to explain the various steps involved in remedying the injury. Furthermore, Mariana assigned various exercises for me to do at home to assist in the recovery thereby reducing the time to heal. Overall, I was very impressed with her knowledge, techniques, and genuine concern for my injury and recovery and would recommend her services to anyone who requires treatment to heal an injury or pain relief.
    Vache Hagopia 36, IT Executive, Toronto
  • I came to Mariana with a dulled pain in my left arm that prevented me from lifting anything, turning to my left side, and had to discontinue my daily exercise. The dulled pain would worsen after I would agitate it by lifting grocery bags, carry my textbooks, or even reach for my cup of coffee in the morning. It prevented me from using my left arm and feared anytime I would reach for something a shooting pain would be sent up my arm. Mariana isolated the problem by doing some arm stretches in order to gauge the level of pain that was being caused through movement. Through these stretches Mariana located the main source to the problem. It was not my arm that I had injured but my neck which is triggered to my arms. During my first session, Mariana assisted me in an exercise called, “Retraction and Extension of the Neck:” I was to do this at least three times a day or more if needed. By the second session, I had felt better and no longer feared to reach to grab something. I continue to do the exercises that Mariana prescribed anytime I felt stiffness in my neck and it would help loosen up my muscles. She has helped me get back to my daily routine along with an education of how my muscles work. I would recommend Mariana to anyone who needs assistance- she is very approachable and patient. She genuinely wants to help and she has helped me improve my life! Thank you Mariana!
    Veronica Vandersteena 30, Paralegal, Thornhill
  • Hi everybody, my name is Dan, I am a 52 years old electrician, who was concerned of an possible surgery at my left heel. After months of pain, worries and bad thoughts about my problem which start to interfere with my job (I started to limp, started to have fear that I have to climb a ladder during the day), I want to give a try to a physiotherapist. When I described my problem to Ms. Paz, she immediately told me that she can help me. So, she educated me about my problem, she told me why this issue happened and she showed me specific exercises, stretches and techniques. Now, I don’t have heel pain. Ms. Paz was helpful right from the start. So, don’t wait to see her if you have problems with your joints.
    Dan Sr Andronescu 52, Electrician, Newmarket
  • Hello , Recently  after  some physical exercises I abruptly got strong back pain and did not  see  any   progress  after  3-4  weeks. My friend recommended me Mariana  from  Mechphysiotherapy.  After  3  session  of   treatment I was  completely  restored  - no any back pain. The treatment included massage  and  some joga exercises.  Also I got some recommendation for future  in  case of similar problems. I was very happy with the service and  friendly  attitude.   For  comparison  -  several years ago I had something  similar with my back and visited clinic  with expensive laser and ultrasonic devices with practically no effect. I am not specialist in  this  area,  but for me manual procedures at  Mechphysiotherapy had very good and fast effect.  
    Michael N. - Consultant in Toronto